Welcome to the 2016 / 2017 School Year
Thank you to all the those who volunteered their time last year!

CSS PTO News You Can Use June 6th

Next PTO Meeting

Our next PTO meeting will be on June 8th at 7:00 pm in the Library. We will be reviewing the year and budget to date standings. Discussing fundraising for next year. Recognizing parent volunteers. Come and hear how we did for the year, celebrate our successes and help us plan for the future.


Congratulations to our No Hassle Fundraiser class winners: Ms. Ashley Miller – High School and Ms. Jessie Glynn – Middle School. We raised $2135.00 total this year. Thank you to everyone that participated. The classes received breakfast on 6/5.

This year’s Conrad Way Award recipients were seniors Devon Collazo and Todd Jacobs. Each received $300.

Congratulations to the newly elected 2017/2018 PTO Board: President – Alex Williamson, MS Vice President – Shane Jackson, Treasurer – Jessica Riviere, 8th Grade Parent Coordinators – Janine Clarke and Sheryl Zitzelberger, 10th Grade Parent Coordinators – Jaime Gilley and Danine Erhart, 11th Grade Parent Coordinators – Pam Wunder and Sarah Munden. Several positions remain open and will be voted on again in September in addition to the 6th & 9th Grade parent coordinators.

Thank you

Thank you to our volunteers for Community Day – Lisa Sutton, Alissa Sutton, Pam Wunder, Grace Logemann, Beth Morrill, Laura Varney, Chris Varney, Elmeer Greer, Kim Greer, Bob Custin, Alex Williamson, Lily Williamson, Lester Collazo, Deb Hersch and John Hersch. Shout out to those volunteers whose names were missing from the sign in sheet, your help was greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all of our volunteers from the After Prom – Kim Greer, Lisa Cosner, Tricia Jacobs, Jamie Gaughan, Karen Logullo, Christine Eastburn, Christie Edelson, Ruthann Haschak, Missie Hansen, Vickie Beam, Kat McLaughlin, Beth Jefferson, Cathy Germani, Deborah Miller, Bob Custin, Beth Morrill, Trica Segletes, Jenny Greenzweig, Ellen Pfeiffer, Sharon Bey, Nancy Best, Alex Williamson, Deb Hersch, John Hersch, Krista Fleetwood, Alan Fleetwood, Laura Varney and Chris Varney.

Thank you to all of our volunteers from 8th Grade Formal – Tricia Harling, Angela Fongemie, Adriana Bohm, Shane Jackson, Anabelle O’Malley, Heather Apostolico, Debbie Capuano, Kerry Grant Rush, Cheryl Skurla, Krista Gioffre, Sheryl Zitzelberger, Carrie Nelson, Cheryl Simpson, Tim Durnan, Amy Yeatman, Dave Myers, Jackie Schaus, Gina Miller, Jill Floore, Deb Harbaugh, Anne Camilli, Sharon Bey, Michelle Allen, Bob Custin, Lauren DeBlasio, Sande Charlton, Dan Freeman, Vicki Spangler, Tammy Jackson, Dina Barrett, Corina Brown, Michelle Savin, Pam Locurcio, Kathleen Benson, Bess Cresswell, Ryan Gaughan, Fran O’Malley, Jen Ranegan, Abigail Brain, Janine Clarke, Tina Mah and Cam Hay.

Thank you to all of our volunteers from the 6th & 7th Grade Picnic – Jen Sheridan, Paul Sheridan, Catherine Campbell, Soupy Campbell, Kathey Bauers, Beth Jefferson, Bridget Glantz, Mike Glantz, Wendy Collazo, Lester Collazo, Jessica Riviere, Alex Williamson, Gail Ashe, Grace Logemann, Stacey Friedland, Melissa Hughes, Beth Morrill, Sheryl Zitzelberger, Danine Erhart, Sharon Bey, Bob Custin, Deb Hersch, John Hersch and Alphonso Russell.

Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation was not forgotten. Since it was in the middle of so many events asking for donations, we utilized our budget and had students write thank you notes to the teachers. The teachers were treated to a grab and go breakfast, lunch from Bachetti’s, snack day and a pack of Extra gum with a note for the Extraordinary teachers along with notes from students.

Spirit Wear

Conrad Spirit Wear will be available at the upcoming events.

  • 7th Grade Moving Up Ceremony Mon June 12th 8:00am-10:00am
  • 6th Grade Moving Up Ceremony Tue June 13th 8:00am-10:00am